As Legisterra, we provide a wide range of legal and business development services to our domestic and foreign clients with our offices based in Istanbul, Ankara and Canada and our expert, experienced and professional team. We stand out in the sector with our fast, practical and sustainable solutions to seemingly insurmountable and complex legal problems. We are also pleased to act as a solution partner beyond what is expected from a law firm with the business partnerships and strategic solutions we provide by prioritising the needs of our clients.


Globalisation in the business world has made it a necessity for companies operating in the field of law to globalise beyond their frameworks. Legisterra provides first class, reliable and sustainable legal services to its domestic and foreign clients by combining its foresight gained from the business potentials in different countries with its knowledge and sector expertise, taking into account the commercial culture they have.

Our principles and values form the basis of our identity. As Legisterra, we adopt as our basic principles to act honestly, reliably, observing national moral values and adhering to the universal principles of law.

Our Core Values

As Legisterra, we know the importance of being solution-oriented for the continuity and growth of your business. We are also aware that your growth will not be permanent unless it is built on solid foundations


Being honest, reliable, respectful and ethical in our every steps


Understanding, sharing and respecting different perspectives and working as a team with our colleagues, clients and solution partners

Client Orientation

Focusing on each of our clients individually with a 360-degree perspective, to guide them to reach their goals safely and overcome the obstacles in their way