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Aviation & Transportation


Our team is backed by several aviation industry experts and aviation law specialists. We work with premier customs agencies in Istanbul to devise rapid solutions to your freight operations.

We act on behalf of our client in various aviation and transportation matters, including;

• Aircraft finance
• Aircraft mortgage
• Carriage of goods by air, road and rail

• Contractual claims arising from cargo damage, personal injury and in particular as a consequence of delay

• Combined, multi-modal and international transportation
• CMR (Convention on carriage of goods by road) disputes
• FCR (Forwarding agents certificate of receipt) disputes
• Negotiating and drafting of aircraft purchase or lease agreements
• Obtaining the necessary permits and operating licenses
• Waybills
• Trade registry registration of airline operations
• Correspondence with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation
• Applications for Initial Authorization and for Final Corporation License
• Acquiring and renewal of the operating license