Considering the increasing demand for renewable energy resources and the importance of energy resources and mines in national economies, Energy and Mining Law is an important service item for companies and governments. At Legisterra, our educated team provides legal services to companies operating in many areas, such as electricity, petroleum, and natural gas. We also provide comprehensive consultancy services to clients operating in the mining and commodity sector in all tender, licensing, financing, and operation processes. Moreover, we cooperate with organizations that develop wind, water, and geothermal energy, and provide legal support to clients for the property rights and any other processes concerning the sale of these relevant resources.

Our main services in this area include:

• Preparing of all types of contracts such as Framework Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Option Agreements, Earn-In Agreements, Production Sharing Agreements, Concession Agreements, Royalty Agreements, EPC Agreements, Operating, Maintenance, and Repair Agreements, or any other contract that might be required by companies operating in the electricity, natural gas, petroleum, LPG, renewable energy, mining, or metal sectors;
• Preparing due diligence reports and providing consultancy services during the establishment of energy companies, mergers and acquisitions, and any investment or project financing processes;
• Writing license applications in accordance with energy laws and their amendments;
• Ensuring compliance with the Energy Market Regulatory Authority and following up on any administrative lawsuits regarding fines imposed by the Board;
• Providing legal consultancy to help navigate regulations in energy law; and
• Following up and finalizing any legal disputes that might be encountered with the other market actors.