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Environment & Climate Change


Our consultants assist clients in developing and understanding industry-specific strategies for mitigating emissions of carbon dioxide, participating in voluntary emerging carbon-trading markets, assessing whether insurance policies cover errors and omissions related to climate change disclosures, building with “green” materials, and constructing clean energy facilities. We work with major wind, hydro, and geothermal power developers to quantify and qualify renewable energy credits and greenhouse gas emission reductions, and draft contracts and contractual provisions related to ownership rights and sale of these credits.

During the past two decades corporate and institutional attitudes towards environmental and resource management have changed to such an extent that specialized counsel has become necessary in order to effectively manage corporate environmental and resource strategies.

Not only has our firm developed expertise in this area, but members of our team pride themselves on maintaining good and close professional relationships with international certification standards and various regulatory authorities, facilitating constructive consultations, negotiations and access to information. Members of our team have participated on national and international panels that are educating lawyers in this emerging area of the law, in addition to serving as legal advisors to government agencies and the UN.

On the Climate Change front our team has been involved in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects from the outset.

These projects essentially require skills in understanding the technical emissions reduction issues, liaising with the Designated National Authority and understanding the manner in which such regulatory bodies function and the extent of their power, as well as putting together the commercial, financing and related transactional documents.

We offer specialized solutions in the following areas:

  • Environmental auditing, due diligence and impact assessments
  • Environmental permitting
  • Waste law and hazardous substance control
  • Generation and distribution of power
  • Regulation of renewable energy and carbon trading
  • Litigation, environmental interdicts and judicial reviews of environmental decisions
  • Commercial contracts regarding natural resources and waste
  • Drafting environmental, natural resource and mining legislation at a national level