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Humanitarian Law


Backed by its roots in civil society, immigration law and legal aid, Legisterra provides full range of consultancy services to international and local NGOs by its skilled subject matter specialists.

Developing both practical and theoretical legal approaches to issues related to International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Legisterra develops strong legal analysis skills for providing a combination of strategic thinking, legal expertise in international law towards maximising positive outcomes.

Moreover, Legisterra offers advice to build capacity in the field of international humanitarian law to assist concerned entities in understanding and carrying out their commitments and obligations under treaty and customary international law.

Non-governmental Organizations

Legisterra has been providing advice and consultancy services to nearly half of all 42 registered NGOs in Turkey. Owing to our expertise and specialization in associations law and humanitarian law, the range of services we provide to INGOs as an external legal counsel, and humanitarian actors in particular, go above and beyond those typically offered by a law firm. Our services do include:

  • Registration services
  • Practical and sound legal advice on Turkish law,  with special emphasis on associations law,  contract law,  labor law, international humanitarian law as applicable to Turkey,  foreigners and international protection law,  temporary protection,  real estate law,  commercial transactions,  regulatory licensing, customs procedures,  and compliance;
  • Review of legal documents;
  • Networking and organizational matchmaking with and among civil society and government  stakeholders;
  • Government liaison;
  • Cooperating with and assisting HQ legal units of INGOs;
  • On demand legal research and legal memoranda;
  • Representation at court proceedings and debt collection proceedings;
  • Government correspondence for licenses, and license renewals;
  • Providing updates on new legislation, regulations, and decrees to minimize legal exposure;
  • Identifying legal and contractual risks, and advise on legal risk control and mitigation strategies;
  • Assisting HR units with peculiarities of local requirements;
  • Handling residency and work permit applications;
  • Legal translation, interpretation, and proof-reading.


Legisterra has decades of practical experience, dealing with legal and business issues across geographic and language boundaries. Versatile and creative, we are able to provide genuine insight drawn from years of real-world solutions. This is why we offer a range of consulting services to engage with international organizations to strengthen their contribution to humanitarian affairs. To this purpose, we are acting as national legal experts and consultants in several international organizations in Turkey.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Disability Union (WDU) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are amongst the main international organizations we apply our experience alongside cutting-edge knowledge to develop fresh insights. Some references about our activities for these organizations are as follows:

  • National Legal Advisor to the United Nations Development Programme’s “Capacity Building for Climate Change Management in Turkey” project,
  • Providing day-to-day legal services to WDU as official legal counsel in all its affairs in Turkey,
  • National Legal Advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme’s “MDGF -1680: Enhancing the Capacity of Turkey to Adapt to Climate Change” joint programme.