Due to the rapid development in technology and the widespread use of the internet in all areas of life, Legisterra provides consultancy services to its national and international clients in all legal problems arising from IT law. With our experienced team, we provide legal consultancy services to our clients on artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, blockchain, e-money and cryptocurrency, IT infrastructures, cloud services and platforms, online applications and games, software development and licensing processes, e-commerce, FinTech by combining the regulations in the field of IT Law with Intellectual Property Law, GDPR or Personal Data Protection Law and other related areas of law. Our services in the field of IT Law are as follows
• Preparation of all kinds of contracts and documents related to the field of information technologies such as software licence agreements, software development agreements, e-commerce processes according to the needs of companies operating in software, e-commerce, e-money, finance and various other sectors,
• Following the current legislative regulations in the field of IT Law and providing specific legal solutions in compliance processes,
• Providing representation and consultancy services in the transactions to be carried out before the Information and Communication Technologies Authority,
• Follow-up of licensing, registration and registration procedures,
• Providing counselling services for internet-based criminal violations such as intellectual property infringement, corruption and money laundering,
In addition, with our expert solution partners, we provide legal support to our clients operating in the field of IT Law in the application and file creation processes for export incentives and other government supports provided by the state.