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The amendments to the Mining Law, in 2010, radically transformed the law governing rights to mineral resources in Turkey and triggered an unprecedented increase in license transactions, while attracting the attention of many multinational investors. Our firm, through our office in Ankara, has been at the heart of this mobility. We regularly deal with the Mining Bureau, the Ministry of Environment and other authorities, which are all situated in Ankara.

We currently represent a number of multi¬nationals and other international investors engaged in the lucrative Turkish mining sector. Our expertise spans general regulatory mining advice, exploration and development license management, environmental impact assessment (EIA) management, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, banking finance, private finance, and mining development and finance.

Our legal expertise, coupled with an understanding of geological and engineering aspects of mining that we have accumulated throughout years of providing corporate management services in the boards of multinational companies, places us in a unique position to provide valuable insight when representing mining companies.

Also, as far as we know, we are the only exclusively foreign-investment-oriented law firm operating in Turkey with a substantial client and knowledge base in the mining industry, which allows us to integrate our foreign investment expertise with the rest of our qualifications in mining law.

We constantly monitor the new developments in the industry and provide our clients sound advice on new regulations. However, our services are not limited with Turkish law. We also help our multinational clients meet regulatory requirements in their home jurisdictions, by conducting license and contract due diligence, drafting stock exchange compliance documents, corporate governance documents and other documents vital for such companies to dodge legal pitfalls.

Some of the works, deals, and contracts we have been involved in are:

– License transfer and NSR royalty transactions

– Financing in all stages of company inception, license gathering, exploration, development, and production

– Pledges of licenses

– License tenders

– Environmental claims in relation to mineral exploration and development