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Non-governmental Organizations

Non-governmental Organizations

Legisterra has been providing advice and consultancy services to nearly half of all 42 registered NGOs in Turkey. Owing to ourexpertise and specialization in associations lawand humanitarian law, the range of services weprovide to INGOs as an external legal counsel,and humanitarian actors in particular, go aboveand beyond those typically offered by a law firm. Our services do include:

  • Registration services
  • Practical and sound legal advice onTurkish law, with special emphasison associations law, contract law,labor law, internationalhumanitarian law as applicable toTurkey, foreignersandinternational protection law,temporary protection, real estatelaw, commercialtransactions,regulatory licensing, customsprocedures, and compliance;
  • Review of legal documents;
  • Networking and organizationalmatchmaking with and among civilsociety and government


  • Government liaison;
  • Cooperating with and assistingHQ legal units of INGOs;
  • On demand legal research andlegal memoranda;
  • Representation at courtproceedings and debt collectionproceedings;
  • Government correspondence forlicenses, and license renewals;
  • Providing updates on newlegislation, regulations, anddecrees to minimize legal exposure;
  • Identifying legal and contractualrisks, and advise on legal riskcontrol and mitigation strategies;
  • Assisting HR units withpeculiarities of local requirements;
  • Handling residency and workpermit applications;
  • Legal translation, interpretation,and proof-reading.