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  • The Historical Development of the Ownership of Real Property in Turkey by Foreigners
  • The Turkish Energy Sector and Relevant Legal Framework
  • The Legal Framework Concerning Technology Transfer to Turkey
  • Setting up a Limited Liability Company in Turkey
  • Conversion of a Limited Liability Company to Joint Stock Company in Turkey
  • Administrative Acts of Regulatory Nature (in Turkish)
  • Commercial Enterprise Pledge under Turkish Commercial Code
  • The Legal Framework and Procedures Concerning the Establishment of Branch Offices and Liaison Offices in Turkey by a Company Resident Outside Turkey
  • Apostille Certification of a Non-Turkish Shareholder’s Signature Under the Articles of Association of a Joint Stock Company for the Registration and Establishment of the Company
  • Examination of the Amendments to the Turkish Mining Law
  • The Regulatory Framework in Turkey on Carbon Trading


  • Legislation With Possible Effects On Carbon Markets In Turkey
  • Legal Aspects of Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPA)