Legisterra actively participates and provides legal assistance during every stage of the implementation process of all types of real estate projects. We are the firm of choice for many businesses and have handled multiple large-scale projects. Our lawyers successfully designed and managed all the legal aspects of leading real estate projects such as Optimum Shopping Malls and “Tersane Istanbul”.

Our experienced team offers many types of services, including: ensuring performance of the contract; deed processes concerning the establishment of the right of usufruct and construction; following up on correspondence with government bodies in public and private cooperation projects; prosecution of lawsuits concerning real estate law, such as deed cancellation, registration, pre-emption, elimination of joint ownership, action negatoria and adequate price; preparation of construction agreements or subcontracts; contract negotiation; preparation of the management plans; resolution of disputes that might arise from zoning laws; and preparation of contracts arising from rental law and resolution of the disputes.

In addition to the aforementioned services, our main goal is to ensure the safest investment for you, from the very beginning, with our examination process starting with the inquiry of the rights and liabilities on the immovable property before your real estate investments in Türkiye and North America and our risk reports