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Tax Law


Our tax law and finance practice area provides quality specialised tax and financial advice services. We work closely with our corporate and commercial consultants to provide integrated commercial and tax advice and deliver efficient tax solutions.

The constantly changing nature of the field of tax law, caused by new decisions of our courts and regular changes to Turkey’s tax legislation, creates a need for access to specialised and professional tax advice. We understand the importance of tax schemes and benefits for your company. Together with our affiliate partner, Independent Accountants, we offer a wide range of services and frequently provide tax advice to a diverse spectrum of clients.

In particular, we can provide specialist advice on:

• The tax structuring of mergers and acquisitions, capital market and other commercial transactions

• Assistance with audits and queries, alternative dispute resolution and tax litigation
• Structuring of private equity funds and private equity transactions
• Exchange control
• International tax, in-bound and out-bound investments, cross-border transactions
• Transaction taxes
• Capital gains tax
• Commercial property transactions
• Structuring and restructuring of groups of companies
• Employees’ tax and Value Added Tax (VAT)
• Formation and tax registration of charitable and public benefit organisations
• Share incentive and other employee incentive schemes and related tax issues