Gizem Öz Demetoğlu has completed her undergraduate education in Istanbul University Faculty of Law and afterwards, she has completed her master’s with her thesis titled “Right to be Forgotten in the Blockchain Technology in the Context of the Turkish and European Union Data Protection Law” at Marmara University Institute of European Studies. Demetoğlu, who has started her career in the area of Criminal Law and continues in the area of Corporate and Contract Law, has worked in Ziraat Bank, one of the leading banks of Türkiye, for many years and has become experienced in the areas of Banking/Finance Law and Personal Data Protection. Ms. Demetoğlu is a member of Istanbul Bar Association.


LL.M., Marmara University Institute of European Studies, Türkiye

LL.B., Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Türkiye

Bar Admission

İstanbul, Türkiye


Istanbul Bar Association