With todays free market system, where the diversity of economic activities are increasing, the importance of competition law is increasing day by day. Competition has an important role in the development of corporate practices and business strategies. As Legisterra, we provide our clients with the consultancy services they need in relation to competition law related processes and sectoral regulations with our strong expertise and knowledge of various sectors together with our expert team who are familiar with the legislation. The services we provide in this field are as follows;

• Representing clients before regulatory authorities in mergers and acquisitions,
• Representing clients at all stages of competition investigations before the Competition Authority and in all lawsuits against the Authority’s decisions
• Providing legal counselling services to our clients who are dominant in their sectors in order to prevent the prohibition of abuse of dominant position,
• Organising competition compliance programmes and training activities in line with the needs of clients
• Providing consultancy services to our clients from the perspective of competition law in the design of dealership systems, exclusive distributorship agreements, agreements limiting competition and other contractual processes,
• Making individual exemption and negative determination applications,
• Providing general counselling on Competition Law regulations and client’s questions