As Legisterra, we have extensive experience in the execution of merger and acquisition, joint venture and partial separation projects of venture capital companies, private equity companies and funds, domestic and international small, medium or large-sized companies operating in all kinds of sectors with our internationally qualified team and the foresight and knowledge we have gained from the business development projects we have carried out with domestic, foreign and multinational companies. While providing this service, we address the legal and commercial needs of our clients in a multidimensional manner according to the party in the project (acquirer, transferee or financier) with our experienced team members and solution partners in international trade rules and customs, tax and other financial areas. We also provide support in investment and project financing in coordination with our business development team. Our main services we provide in this field;

• Advising on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and acquisitions and disposals of private and public companies,
• Providing consultancy services to clients on strategic issues related to the content of legal and commercial life for share and asset purchase and sale transactions, spin-offs, liquidations and company restructurings, investment and project financing processes, tender processes, negotiation and contract processes,
• Preparation of due diligence reports for risk assessment and decision making of clients in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and financing processes