Due to frequent amendments in Türkiye’s tax legislation and the constantly changing nature of the area of tax law, you need access to a trusted partner with specialized industry knowledge.

Since we understand the benefit and importance of a tax plan for your company, together, with our associated partner public accountants and expert tax law partners, we provide a wide range of services regarding tax consultancy. In order for your company to have proper and easy access to financing or your required support, we work with our solution partners to ensure you benefit from any support given by the government, European Union, or various financial institutions. Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

• Supporting on audits and inquiries, and alternative dispute resolution;
• Structuring private equity funds and private equity transactions;
• Creating a plan and finding solutions for compliance with income, expense, and turn-over taxes;
• Assisting with acquiring movable and immovable property;
• Structuring and restructuring company groups; and
• Ensuring understanding of incentive programs and related tax issues