As Legisterra, we provide legal and consultancy service to approximately half of the international NGOs registered in Türkiye. Due to our expertise in the area of association law and humanitarian law, the services we provide to NGOs go beyond the services provided by a typical law firm.

Some of our services are listed below;

• Realization of official registration for transactions in Türkiye;
• Review of legal documents;
• Contact with public and private institutions, networking, and corporate matching with civil society and public stakeholders;
• Cooperation with legal headquarters of international NGOs ;
• Representation in all types of lawsuits and enforcement transactions;
• Correspondence concerning official permission and permission renewals;
• Collection of the up-to-date information on new legislations, regulations, and decrees, and updates to NGOs;
• Determination of legal and contractual risks, and recommendations concerning legal risk control and risk reduction strategies;
• Guidance to HR departments in terms of local employee qualification requirements;
• Citizenship, residency and work permit applications, or support to applications prepared by personnel of the NGOs;
• Assistance in terms of the legal translations, interpretations, and corrections